Get To Know Me

Hi! So, my name is Kate and I’m using you.

Even though this was born out of desperate need for a food/weight loss blogs, it’s mostly to hold myself accountable. I’m hoping that through my clever use of hash tags and borrowed recipes, at least 2 people who are not my mother will look at this and that’s enough to make me feel bad if I don’t stick to my plan. And I also want to help others stick to theirs!

I’m also doing this because there have GOT to be other people like me who really love food but who also want to be healthier, but are also impractical in that we don’t really want to miss out or give up anything.

I always tell myself that I could do this if someone could just give me a plan. Yeah, well, I have been to nutritionists and weight loss “specialists” who give me plans and I don’t ~just doooo this~. We don’t all work at jobs where I can just eat small, elaborate meals throughout the day, I don’t want to eat disgusting cardboard bread for breakfast, it DOES NOT taste better if I put PB2 on it, and plain ass baked chicken is a waste of my life.

I lied, I’ve never tried PB2. But the rest of it is true. I want to enjoy what I’m eating, and if I consistently force myself to eat horrendous things, I will not only fall off the wagon, but eat everything in sight while doing so. Binge-eating is a huge bummer and it’s a problem for me, so having foods that keep me happy are an absolute must.

I’m currently doing Weight Watchers and will be posting how many points are in each dish I talk about. I also create meal plans based on how many points I get, and I do not plan for my extra weekly points. I use those as things come up, especially on weekends. I don’t drink often, but I will not turn down champagne because I am very classy. I use the online program because I’m not really into the meetings, but I do check in with online coaches pretty regularly. They’re great tools that I recommend using if you do the program. At least that’s what works for me.

I will preface this entire project with a quick and simple: I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR NUTRITIONIST. I have no idea what your body is capable of handling, check with your doctor. I am simply using Internet tools to tailor my own plans. I’m posting what works for me, and everyone is more than welcome to copy it word for word or pick and choose what you like. The only thing I will say, is PLEASE do your research. I have done plenty myself based on my needs and goals and I think its so important that you do, too.

That being said, in the posts that follow, I will share recipes and weakly meal plans that have worked for me and invite you to try them. I would also like to request that we keep all comments positive and upbeat. I’m as sarcastic as the next guy, but I don’t want to read people telling my that the picture of my dinner is not quality or that I talk too much. I guarantee I already know. Also, don’t fight with each other. Ha, look at me assuming people are going to comment! I have high hopes, it seems.

Anyways, thanks for reading this, please continue!

Oh, and here’s the best selfie I’ve ever taken. Before you yell at me, I was at a stoplight.




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