Week 1 Meal Plan

So I’ve been planning out my weekly meals for about 3 weeks and it’s not actually been that difficult. I find it easier knowing that I’ve planned out what I’m making, know that I’ve already bought all the ingredients and that I don’t have to worry about figuring it out while trying to get ready for work in the morning.

I have a printed out meal planning sheet I found on Pintrest that I work everything out on before I put it in my actual planner. Because once it’s in there, its LAW.

I apologize for not having any pictures, the first few weeks won’t have any since I just decided to do this blog. But starting week 4 I will have some!

I haven’t gotten to the pro level where I’m consistently planning out my lunches as well, I do occasionally and I’ll let you know when I do. Sometimes, its that I’ve planned on a different breakfast from the oats so I’ll just take those to work with me. Boom.

Full disclosure, my husband is in school to be a physician’s assistant (bragbragbrag), and usually has classes on Tuesday and Thursday, so you should fully expect lazy ass recipes on those nights.

Ok, so here’s what we ate the first week:



  • Breakfast- overnight oats 7pts
  • Dinner- Leftovers




  • Breakfast- overnight oats 7pts
  • Dinner out, this weekend my sister was in town so I didn’t have to plan meals because luckily I live in the same town as my mom, so. I take the break when I get it.

Overall reviews:

Great. We loved it all. The only complaint is about the enchiladas. It’s 5 points for 1 enchilada and that does not include the sour cream I so desperately wanted. I ate two, and it was very filling. There’s an alternate version that I’m trying soon so we’ll see. But they WERE delicious.

The cajun shrimp were sooooooooo good, would be perfect for a colder night. Pro tip: in my oven at least, they needed an extra 10 minutes. And be so careful when opening. Don’t judge me. I burned myself a lot. And yes, I’m aware things that come out of the over are hot.


Side note: I don’t know if I love how this looks, if there’s any suggestions for a more cohesive or aesthetically pleasing format, I’m all ears.



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