What To Expect From Me

Here’s the deal. I LOVE PLANNING THINGS. I love knowing the most efficient ways to do everything, I love making a list and getting it done before the day is over, I love the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction I get with every check mark I make. I can’t stress it enough. I ESPECIALLY love when someone doubts one of my lists and I get to squint and smile at them once it all goes exactly how I said it would and then I get to drive the petty home with a loud “TOLD YA.”  Keep reading, I’m a nice person.

So, I will post weekly meal plans , a shopping list if we’re lucky, reviews from myself and my husband (more on him later), what workouts I did, and how I’m squeezing it all into my day. Time management is am excellent skill, and I think that’s why I have failed at this so many times. I’m now using my once petty power for good. I’m still petty, let’s be real. I can’t lie to you.

There’s a good point. You can expect honesty. As I said before, I am not a professional by any means, I borrow other people’s ideas from their own websites and condense it down to fit into my life. I will ALWAYS 10000000000000000000% credit my sources and give links to their pages. As I’m just starting out, I rarely don’t use my own recipes because I’m not confident in my ability to keep it healthy the way I can if I just use others.

My reviews will be honest. Maybe a dish was a real pain in the ass to make but it was really good. Or maybe it was easy and just ok. And maybe my husband wasn’t a huge fan, and if that’s the case, you may want to listen. Homeboy eats everything under the sun and is almost never not hungry, so if he doesn’t like it there may be a reason. Or if it’s something stupid like because there’s a raw onion on it, I’ll let you know he’s just being whiney.

For those of you doing Weight Watchers:

Apparently some people use Smart Points and some people use regular points? Idk. I thiiiiiiink that I use smart points. But when I get a recipe, even if they already provide me with how many points it’s worth, I am a control freak at heart and will put it into my app’s calculator just to be sure. And sometimes they are different. I highly recommend that you do the same.

I will post a couple times a week, if I ever do get any comments, I’ll do my best to respond. If I don’t, please don’t take it personally, I barely respond to text messages and I never check my voicemail. I just press play on them to make the notification go away. I’m awful. But I WANT to hear from you, especially any suggestions or if you think anything is missing.

I also promise not to split up the instructions to a recipe with pictures of raw chicken in bowls. It makes it so much harder to copy and paste that way and I hate it and you do too. I mean, you don’t NEED to know what it looks like when I say, “in a separate bowl, combine chicken and diced tomatoes”. We’re all in agreement that that is self-explanatory and I’m not taking a picture of it. You can also expect pictures that I’ve taken solely with my iPhone.

I promise to ramble, occasionally sneak in pictures of my dog, and to use an excessive amount of hash tags. Tell your friends!


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